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Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog. I will use this site for mainly two aspects: As a personal (yet public) notebook for whatever I find important to remember on one hand side, and as an additional motivator for me on the other hand side, to keep me learning about whatever interests me.

What interests me is, of course, important for your decision if this blog is worth reading. I plan to publish some articles soon about the details, but I am a software engineer and, as such, will write mainly (or maybe exclusively, we will see) about "computer stuff" - be it programming or system administration.

Please keep the learning aspect in mind as you read on. While I have about 15 years of experience (and more if I count the years before working with computers became my job), I can't know everything and therefore will absolutely post some correct, but inefficient, ways to do things - or even stuff that is completely wrong (the horror!). Such is life.

The blog itself is written as static html pages created via a self-written python script, and is still work-in-progress. It still misses some more or less essential features, but as of today is good enough to post the first article (as you can see).

Finally, you should know that I want to keep this blog simple. Javascript is not used at all yet and will only be used for unessential improvements. I test in and optimize for Firefox, w3m and lynx. I might also try it with Chromium, but support for it is an afterthought.